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Creative Edge

Little World School is committed to inculcate amongst its students fair appreciation of Art and Beauty. Students watch, observe and create beautiful artifacts under the tutelage of talented teachers. These novel pieces created from recycled material are displayed during the Annual Art and Craft Exhibition- the most awaited prestigious event of the School Calendar. Following are the activities taught in the Art room :-

  1. Finger painting
  2. Block printing
  3. Glass painting
  4. Jute work
  5. Ceramics
  6. Candle making
  7. Origami
  8. Beading
  9. Wood work
  10. Pottery
  11. Sequin work
  12. Embroidery
  13. Plaster of Paris

These are some of the activities that students choose for their exhibit. Many students have participated in Inter school Art Competition and won laurels for their school. Check out the link CURRENT STUDENTS for their positions.

"A healthy mind resides in a healthy body" .The school is alive to the need of students improving their mental faculties. Yoga and Meditation are very popular amongst students of Middle School. They perform even the most complicated asanas with comparative ease. Inter School participation has enhanced their confidence and flexibility.

"If Music be the food of love play on"....said Shakespeare. Students eagerly look forward to the music lessons imparted by versatile music teachers. Students are exposed to a variety of music ranging from patriotic to semi-classical. Bhajans as well as English Songs are sung with equal fervour .Music department boasts of a fairly accomplished orchestra.

Group Discussions, Debate, Extempore and Declamation contests serve to sharpen their soft skills. Students become bold , lose inhibition and articulate with utmost finesse. They get ready to face the competitive world confidently.

Events like Science Quiz, Maths Olympiad and English Talent Hunt provide an opportunity to prepare, participate and learn beyond the text book.

The students are encouraged to contribute to the school magazine "PRERNA". Annually creative writing competitions are held to inspirethe students to compose articles poems or pictures. A collection of these magazines is available in the school library.

Little World School is dedicated to the cause of personality development of each student. The unsure and unsteady steps that enter the portals of the school leave strong and confident footprints when they graduate to college.