Special awards were awarded to students and teachers during the school annual day in the following categories :

Art & Needle Work Club- Mosaic & Mural
Computer Clubs- Apple
Dance Club- Mayur
Declamation Club- Rhetoric
Debating Club- Pros & Cons
Dramatic Club- Chimera Circle
Energy Conservation Club- Urja
Recitation & and Reading Club- Eloquence
Heritage Club- Dharohar
Health and Sanitation Club - Aarogya
Hindi and Sanskrit Clubs- Srijan
Maths Clubs- Decimal
Music Club - Rhythm
Nature Club - Aranya
Spell Bee Club - Crossword
Science Club- Quest
Social Awareness Club- Jagriti
Sports Clubs
            Basket ball
- League of Champions
Yoga and Aerobic Club- Stepping Toes